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True Friendship

Let’s try this again! 🙂

A wine glass flew past her head and shattered on the wall. Sophie looked down and saw the remains of a very nice dinner and half the dishes in the house. By the dinner table, her roommate, Katie and her boyfriend were screaming at each other. Sophie banged her umbrella on the table to get their attention.
“Now, will someone please tell me what’s going on?” Sophie asked calmly.
“This jackass,” Katie began, “is texting other women!”
“I told you, they’re just my friends.” Rob defended. “I don’t see what the problem is.”
“You don’t see the problem with them flirting with you?”
“They’re not flirting!”
“Look here asshole! When a woman sends you a text that says ‘Hey there, sexy stallion!’ they are…
“Okay, okay,” yelled Sophie, banging her umbrella again, “Rob, why don’t you leave for the night. You can continue this conversation when you both have a clearer head.
Rob grabbed his jacket from the hall closet and left.
“Do you want to order a pizza?” Sophie asked, since it was obvious Katie hadn’t ate.
“Sure,” Katie answered.

“Okay, okay, I have an idea” Katie said, “We take a shot every time he says ‘We were on a break!'”
“You’re on, Sophie replied, pouring two glasses from one of the myriad of alcoholic beverages on the coffee table.
By midnight, both women were completely plastered, and were attempting to climb the stairs to their rooms.
“Whoopise,” Katie cried, as she lost her balance and grabbed Sophie for support.
Sophie (who was slightly more sober than Katie) wrapped Katie’s arm around her shoulders and helped her to her bed.
“Sophie, do you think Rob and I will be okay?” Katie slurred.
“I honestly don’t know. Do you think you can forgive Rob for flirting with all those other women?” she responded, turning to look at Katie.
But Katie had already passed out.